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The General Store and How it Can Benefit You 


The general store is a feature within HENO that allows you to have a store within your EMR.  The general store allows you to add different lines of business, categories, and items.   

This can be helpful for two main reasons: 

  1.  Does your clinic offer massages? Dry Needling? Punch cards? Food? Drinks? Classes?  
  • Anything that your clinic sales can be added on an organized into the general store. 
  • Can set price a price per item.  
  • Choose whether or not taxes are added on for each item 
  • Set at the appropriate state tax. 

2. You have uninsured patients or patients whose insurance you don’t accept. 

  • You can create a line of business that consist of CPT codes. 
  • You can then generate a receipt that they would be able to submit to their insurance or to an HSA or FSA.  
  • You have the ability for the Physical Therapist to check out the patient so that you can still keep track of the codes they are charging. 


*****Coming Soon: The ability to purchase items from the general store online! 

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