About HENO

HENO was founded by Jeff Hohman, a software engineer, and Katie Hohman, a physical therapist since 2006 and owner of 2 private practice clinics in Central Florida. Upon opening their first clinic, this husband and wife pair were using 4 to 5 different softwares just to manage their practice. They quickly realized that this management process was inefficient and disjointed to say the least.

β€œFor the first six months [using multiple platforms], we had no idea whether we were making or losing money,” Katie said.

After adding a second clinic and struggling to manage everything on multiple systems for years, they set out to create a software that would allow their clinicians to streamline their work and leave tangled practice management processes behind.

Combining their skills in software engineering and practice management, they created HENO β€” an all-in-one solution that has since saved them time and money. By making HENO available to all physical therapy practices, the Hohmans hope that clinicians will now be able to streamline management tasks and provide more time for what is truly important β€” the patient.

Katie Hohman DPT
HENO Co-founder