Patient Portal

Optimize the patient onboarding experience

Collect patient information and create a unique online profile, all before the first appointment.

Billing Reporting Management

Schedule & Pay Online

Patients can schedule for any type of service and pay outstanding bills, all online.

Customize Paperwork

New patients can fill out customized intake paperwork and existing patients can update their records.


Reduce Staff Time

Free up your staff’s time to focus more on the patient and less on the paperwork.

Complete online patient onboarding portal

Through the HENO Patient Portal, your practice can onboard new patients efficiently, allowing you to spend more time caring for your patients, and less time scheduling appointments and filing paperwork. You’ll be able to collect patient information after they create a unique online profile, all before the first appointment – and without unnecessary staff management.

Collect new & existing patient data

The HENO Patient Portal allows new patients to create an account and register important information – from demographic data to payments – all before the patient arrives for their first appointment.

Market your services while you sleep

You can use your practice’s portal link to market your services and get new patients registered. This allows you to streamline the onboarding process and easily bring in new patients, even while you sleep.

Additional Features

  • Pay online for services
  • Customize intake paperwork
  • Schedule future appointments
  • Send waiting list notifications
  • Pay outstanding bills
  • Complete new patient paperwork
  • Reduce staff time filling out paperwork
  • Market your services online
  • Hands-off patient registration