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Website Patient Portal Integration

Independent Patient Registration

Reduce manual front-desk busy work by empowering patients to self-register from your website. Patients will breeze through your intake process when you load HENO’s self-registration software on your website. The best part is there are no 3rd party integrations required – simply load HENO’s URL to your website, and watch the patients roll in (even on Saturdays).

  • Patients self register by clicking simple button from your website
  • Create fully custom intake forms to capture prior medical and surgical information
  • Patient Credit Cards captured from your website, and stored on file
  • New patient charts are created in the EMR with completed insurance information, and intake forms
  • Intake form answers push into evaluations for clinician productivity
  • Patients and clinic staff receive email confirmations upon completion

Digital Intake Forms

Email, Text, and Website Intake Forms

Stop printing, scanning, attaching, shredding, and crying over manual intake forms. HENO’s ready to help you take a load off, and simplify your patient intake with easy to use digital intake forms.

  • Create custom intake forms patients can complete from your website, via email, and via text
  • Email and Text Functional Outcome Measures to patients, and let HENO automatically calculate your score
  • Dashboard alerts notify front-desk staff when patients forget to complete intake forms so they can text and email polite reminders to patients
  • If patients forget to complete forms from home, you can text them to patients in-clinic, or give them laptops and tablets to complete forms
  • Completed forms automagically display on patient records, and conveniently map into evaluations saving clinicians the time and hassle of retyping
  • Add signature blocks to intake forms to capture authentic patient signatures

Online Scheduling

Are You Losing Revenues You Didn’t Even Know About?

61% of patients surveyed said that they skipped going to the doctor in the past year because scheduling an appointment was too much of a hassle”.*

  • Stop losing revenue and missing out on new patients with easy and convenient online scheduling
  • Offer online scheduling to new patients, existing patients, or both
  • Patients can select the next available clinician or pick their clinician – only vacant slots will display in the patient portal
  • You only expose the appointment slot types you desire. You have total control over which slots display in your portal

*Notable Survey- Nov 9th 2022, 9am EST

Online Store

Generate Passive Income With HENO’s Turnkey Online Store

Running a modern day clinic is getting harder – costs are rising, and reimbursements are shrinking. Develop passive income instantly with a turnkey online store. Simply add our hyperlink to your website, and let patients begin purchasing today.

  • Now you can let patients purchase products, appointments, exercise classes, and visit packages online using their credit cards
  • Use HENO’s general store to setup custom products, packages, and cash-based appointments
  • You can even track inventory in HENO’s General Store to stay on top of reordering products when necessary
  • Kick back and watch the passive revenue roll in

Secure File Uploads

Let Patients Upload Files and Documents

  • Secure, encrypted, and secure patient uploads have never been so easy
  • Need a patient to provide their insurance card or physical referral? Simply ask them to upload it from your secure patient portal
  • Patients upload secure files and documents, then they’re conveniently displayed on patient charts for clinic staff

Make Online Payments

Get Paid In Minutes, Not Weeks

  • Let patients pay via credit card from your patient portal, or text statements to patients and let them pay from their iPhone and Android phone
  • Payments are secure, encrypted, and PCI Compliant
  • When patients make portal payments, they can save cards on file for the clinic to access
  • Getting paid is supposed to be this easy

Two Way Patient SMS

Patients Will Love Two-Way Texting

  • Engage patients in two-way communications via text messaging
  • Patients can simply save your HENO assigned text phone number to their phones and text naturally
  • Improve patient satisfaction by allowing them to naturally text from their phone without any need to login to a portal