What type of practice can use HENO?

Our current market for HENO is physical, speech and occupational therapists, however, we have recently added in chiropractic care. Almost all practices can use HENO with our customize options.

What makes HENO different?

HENO is an all-in-one solution for all of your practice management needs. It encompasses everything from EMR, billing and collections, scheduling, marketing, faxing, reports, and so much more. One system. One solution.

Is it secure?

Yes! Our servers are hosted and maintained in a HIPAA compliant data center.  All communications utilize SSL and our servers are encrypted.  In addition, we go above and beyond and utilize Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) in our database so that all of your data is encrypted at REST.  Furthermore, we utilize an Oracle Database thus, all of your files and data are stored within a system that is encrypted at all times.

Does it send to insurance companies?

Yes. HENO is integrated with Office Ally to send and receive all insurance claims.

Does it include billing?

Yes! HENO allows you to streamline and manage all of your practice’s important billing and financial data in one system. You can view outstanding balances by patient, and per the entire practice, automate and streamline payment postings, track co-pays, verify refunds, leave payment notes and more!

How will this save me money?

Most practices typically used 3-4 different systems for their EMR/charting, scheduling, faxing, billing and collections, and marketing. HENO will incorporate everything into one solution. Think of HENO as a very inexpensive full-time employee. No more excel spreadsheets. No more missing authorizations. No more under billing.

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