Cash-Based Physical Therapy Software

Cash-Based Therapy Software for PT, OT, Speech

Manage Cash-Based Therapy Like a Pro!

HENO was built by therapists for therapists, and we use HENO to process our own cash-based visits every day. Nowadays, hybrid clinics who accept both insurance and cash-based patients are becoming the norm. The problem is most Therapy Software doesn’t allow you to handle both insurance patients, and cash pay patients, so most owners find themselves tangled up with multiple systems which is a bad idea. All of that changes the moment you sign-up for HENO! HENO’s General Store Product allows you to:

  • Print Superbills, and Sell cash-based services
  • HENO’s flexibility allows you to start with just cash-based software, then add insurance billing later when you’re ready
  • Easily manage both your insurance and cash-based patients in one software
  • Seamless Track Cash-Based Accounts Receivables and Bulk Submit email and text statements to Cash-Based patients alongside Insurance-Based patients
  • Have the freedom to schedule patients with or without creating documentation using HENO’s express checkout feature
  • Stop wasting time managing cash-based patients in one software and insurance patients in another. Who has time to remember umpteen passwords anyway? HENO gives you the single login experience that simplifies your life

Sell Visits and Packages

Sell Cash-Based Visits and Products

HENO allows you to setup custom cash-based one-off visits and packages that can be sold in office and online.

  • Print & email Superbils to patients – so they can bill the insurance carrier
  • Setup multiple visit packages, or one-off visits
  • Packages: Patients buy visit packages online, or in-clinic, then HENO assigns them a digital punch card to make it easy for you to track
  • Each time a patient is checked in, office staff clicks their digital punch card and HENO subtracts a visit from the package
  • Punch Card reports display patients with punch cards, purchase dates, visits purchased, visits remaining, and notes entered about patients
  • Setup custom discount codes and conveniently use when appropriate
  • Need to track sales taxes? No sweat, HENO does that too

Bulk Texting Invoices & Statements

Simplify Accounts Receivable

With HENO you can run your cash-pay and Hybrid clinic just as easily as an insurance-based clinic. Bill both insurance and cash-based patients in one fell swoop using HENO’s convenient invoicing engine.

  • Simultaneously mass text statements to both cash-based and insurance patients, and watch the money roll in
  • Patients pay bills via credit card from their phones, and monies are deposited in your account in less than 24 hours
  • Say goodbye to the countless complexities associated with running a hybrid therapy clinic

Turnkey Online Store

Generate Passive Income – Online Store

Heno’s turnkey online store allows you to instantly begin selling products, visit packages, and services securely on your website today.

  • Setup custom products and services in your HENO General Store, then kick back and watch the revenues start rolling in
  • Side effects include constant grinning

Recurring Payments

Automatic Recurring Credit Card Payments

Set Up recurring payments for gym memberships, and other class-based recurring payments using HENO’s payment plans

  • Watch the video starting at 5:39 to see recurring monthly payments
  • Setup payment frequencies, amounts, and start dates
  • HENO will automatically process recurring credit card payments, and email patients receipts


Cash-Based Analytics & Reporting

Powerful analytics separately display cash-based & insurance-based financial performance. Simplify your clinic and trash the complicated spreadsheets and multiple reports with HENO’s All-In-One software!

  • Powerful analytics separate cash-based revenues from insurance-based revenues
  • Run canned financial reports, built custom reports, setup charts, graphs, pivot tables, and row-color highlights. You’ll be the epitome of organization with HENO’s comprehensive and easy analytics
  • HENO methodically tracks all Cash-Based Accounts Receivables, and allows you to bulk text invoices to patients so they can pay via credit card from their phones

Commission Tracking

Track Commissions for Cash-Based Services

Simplify your Cash-Based Commissions with HENO’s commission tracking

  • Give staff their own commission tracking dashboards
  • Pay commissions for product sales or treatments
  • Setup fixed payments per sale, or pay a percentage
  • Create transparency between management and staff

Skip the Notes

Do Appointments Without Documentation or Claims

Need to schedule appointments without being forced to enter documentation and claims on every patient? No problem. HENO’s exclude from EMR feature empowers you to skip documentation for certain visit types. HENO’s express checkout feature also lets you treat a patient without creating a claim. We understand that each visit is unique, so we’re empowering you to run your appointments as you see fit.

  • HENO’s exclude from EMR option allows you to schedule appointments, take payments and skip the documentation
  • Disable insurance-claims with express checkout
  • Each appointment slot type can have different rules, so you only document on patients where you need documentation
  • HENO also allows you to