Physical Therapy EMR

Cloud-based PT, OT, SLP Documentation Software built for Therapists by Therapists

Boost Productivity for PT, OT, SLP With Documentation Software Built For Therapy By a Fellow Therapist

Katie Hohman DPT
HENO Co-founder

More Skin In The Game!

To put it simply, HENO has more skin in the game than other EMRs. Since we own PT clinics who use HENO, this means our success is directly tied to customer success – we have an undeniable shared interest with our customers. While most EMRs only build software, we actually drink our own Kool Aid by using the same software our customers use. This shared interest means HENO will always have your back! It’s easy to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes when we run a therapy clinic like them, and use the same software they do. Using HENO Physical Therapy Documentation Software everyday also allows us constantly optimize, tweak, and improve the software. At the end of the day, we know it’s about the therapists and the patients. If software doesn’t improve the lives of both clinicians and patients, then it’s worthless.

Katie explains, “It’s a beautiful thing to see a therapist sending their Plan of Care to the physician before the patient even gets in their car. Ten years ago I would have told you this is impossible, but now I’m seeing it everyday with my own eyes.”

Physician Plan of Care e-Signatures

Because It’s Not 1976

  • Doctors are too busy to manually sign and fax Plans of Care
  • Stand out from the crowd by letting Physicians eSign your POCs
  • Side effects include increased referrals, simplified office workflows, and uncontrollable smiling
  • HENO Provider Portal gives doctors access to all your notes in one place
  • After doctors sign, HENO alerts you and stores signed POC on patient charts
  • HENO proactively alerts you about late Physician Signatures
  • To all you fax lovers, we still have your back with integrated 2-way faxing

Digital Outcome Measures & Intake Forms

No More Paper- Digitize Your Intake Forms

  • Email and text digital intake forms, and functional outcomes to patients, or let them use tablets and laptops to complete them in clinic
  • You’re not a Courtroom Stenographer, so you shouldn’t have to retype patient intake forms into your evaluations. Let HENO automatically paste patient answers into your evaluation fields
  • Capture digital patient signatures
  • HENO automatically scores your outcome measures saving countless wasted hours of manual scoring
  • Historical copies of all outcomes and intake forms conveniently stored on patient records for quick access

Blazing Fast Documentation

Screaming Fast & Easy Documentation for PT, OT, SLP and more

  • Grab your helmet – it’s gonna get FAST in here! Slash hours of typing per week by automatically pasting patient intake answers into evaluation fields
  • Text digital outcome measures to patients then kick back while HENO automatically scores them
  • Create quick text shortcuts to eliminate repetitive typing
  • Build easy to navigate custom templates with picklists, checkboxes, radio buttons, and text fields
  • Email Digital Plan of Cares to physicians for e-signatures
  • Copy notes, codes, and exercises forward to speed up documentation
  • Create exercise shortcut bundles to quickly treat patient conditions

Custom Templates

Flexible Custom Templates Built Your Way

HENO has standard Orthopedic Outpatient PT Templates, Pelvic Floor Templates, Speech Templates, Adult and Pediatric OT Templates, Lymphedema Templates, and more!

  • Don’t let your PT Documentation Software dictate how you work. Get the flexibility you deserve with HENO’s custom templates
  • Create custom templates with radio buttons, picklists, checklists, small text boxes and large text boxes
  • Too busy to build templates? No worries. Hire HENO to quickly build custom templates to your liking

Medicare Compliance

MIPS & Medicare Compliance

HENO has claims based reporting built into the platform which means you can begin submitted MIPS data now via claims based reporting. For larger clinics who require a certified registry for MIPS submissions, HENO has a data integration with FOTO.

  • One Click Insurance Eligibility Verifications provide full Medicare benefit reports
  • HENO automatically forces Progress Notes on the 10th visit or 30th day
  • HENO tells you when to add KX Modifiers & Required MIPS Information
  • Plan of Care Frequency alerts notify you when patients are falling behind
  • Proactive alerts for overdue Plans of Cares requiring Physician Signatures
  • Automated Prior Authorization Alerts for upcoming expirations

2-Way Faxing

Easy, Comprehensive 2-Way Faxing

  • Tired of sending and receiving faxes outside of your EMR only to have to turn around and save them to your desktop in order to upload them to your EMR. This sounds more like rocket science than simple faxing
  • Goodbye rocket science, hello simple & integrated 2-way faxing
  • Need a new fax number in your local area code? Great, HENO can do that. Want to keep your old fax number? We can do that too
  • One-Click electronic faxing of Plan of Cares and Progress Notes to Referring Doctors
  • Mass fax Clinic Updates to your entire Referring Physician List about new hires, new treatments, and general clinic news
  • Automate cover sheets with quick text shortcut phrases
  • Entire fax history is stored to patient records to simplify record keeping

Initial Evaluations

This Aint’ Your Grandpa’s EMR- Say Hello to the 7 Minute Evaluation

  • You can call HENO a lot of things, but under no condition will you call it Grandpa’s EMR
  • Want to see a HENO Evaluation in Action, click to watch the video now
  • Have questions, or want to book a demo? Click below

Bulk Faxing Plans of Care

Want to Bulk Fax Plans of Cares?

  • Tired of manually faxing every single POC? Assign that to an office staff to do once per week using HENO’s bulk faxing
  • Bulk Fax Plans of Care, Progress Notes, and Discharges to Physicians
  • Customize fax templates to pull specific evaluation fields into the faxes

Daily Notes

The Fastest Daily Note on Planet Earth – This will just take a minute!

  • Finally, Daily Notes that allow exercises, CPTs, and HEPs to be done in a single place. Can you say All-In-One Therapy Software?
  • Hang On – These Daily Notes are Lightning Fast. If you don’t grab a helmet, at least get your cape! Superhero paced documentation to the rescue
  • Physical Therapy EMR built by PTs for PTs means efficiency without sacrificing Ease of Use. We are clinicians like yourself, so we fully appreciate how important it is for Physical Therapy EMR to be both user friendly and easy to use
  • Review Daily Note History with simple scroll
  • Copy forward notes, exercises, and CPTs

Home Exercise Program

Say Yes To HEP Inside Your Notes

  • Studies show jumping to a seperate Home Exercise adds hours to your weekly documentation load
  • HENO’s Home Exercise Program was built, tested, and launched in our own string of PT Clinics
  • HENO’s HEP sits at the intersection of speed and simplicity – but don’t’ take our word for it. Click the video to see it in action

Quick Text

Your Life Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

  • Retyping repetitive phrases can be so time consuming
  • Build shortcut phrases, sentences, and paragraphs under documentation boxes to make documentation easier
  • Place custom Quick Texts under any section of SOAP Notes, and share with the whole clinic, or just use them for yourself
  • Automate Short and Long Term Goal Tracking, SOAP Fields, and more

Physical Therapy EMR – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, HENO’s Physical Therapy EMR contains powerful custom template capabilities. HENO doesn’t yet have e-prescribing and lab integrations so it’s not the perfect fit for MDs, but many other specialties who don’t need these features are using HENO. Since HENO customers can build fully featured custom templates this means any customer can build templates to their liking. These templates may be quite unique and different from other templates you may have seen because they allow users to create just about any type of field they want. For example, let’s say you want to create a field containing your 8 most common conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, cervical pain, balance problems, etc. With HENO, you can design a custom template containing a checkbox field which displays all of those previous conditions. Then, when a clinician did their documentation, they could just check all the conditions that apply. Since these custom templates are so flexible, and so comprehensive, it really opens up a world of possibilities for various clinical specialties to use HENO.