Healthcare Marketing Automation Software

The only Healthcare Marketing Automation Software With HIPAA Compliant Email, and Mass Texting

Mass Waitlist Texting

Stop Declining Income Instantly

Stop losing revenues due to Appointment Cancellations. Refill cancelled slots at warp speed with HENOs mass text slot filler. One mouse click is all it takes to start regaining lost income today.

  • When patients cancel, front-desk staff simply cancels the appointment, then HENO bulk texts everyone on your waitlst
  • Side effects include constant grinning

Appointment Rescheduling Automations

Ready for a Packed Schedule?

Setup easy and personalized communication rules that automatically email and text any patient who falls off your schedule.

  • Create simple email and text templates with personalized messaging and time triggers
  • HENO combs through your patient list finding patients who are overdue for an appointment
  • HENO automatically emails and texts those patients asking them to schedule an appointment, then HENO alerts you when patients respond in HENO’s 2-way texting inbox
  • Once those patients are rescheduled, HENO intuitively stops messaging them

Mass Emailing Patients

HIPAA Compliant Mass emails

Need to send a monthly newsletter? Tired of exporting patient lists, then importing them to an external email marketing software that isn’t even HIPAA Compliant? HENO has a solution for that.

  • Build custom email templates
  • Mass email all patients, or segment patients by substatus, and many other criterion
  • Use HENO’s simple template builder to quickly blast mass emails to patients

Mass Text Patients

Easily Send Mass Patient Texts

Many clinics feel like they should be marketing to patients, but they never get around to it. HENO makes it incredibly easy to send mass texts in just a few clicks.

  • Mass text patients to promote upcoming events
  • During low volume time, use mass texting to increase clinic visits and increase revenues
  • Patients can respond directly to your mass texts, alerting you to incoming responses, allowing you to engage in two-way communication

Marketing Automation

Send Multi Step Email and Text Automations

HENO’s marketing automation platform allows you to easily build automatic multi step email and text messages to communicate with patients

  • Automatically send welcome email and text campaigns to every new patient created in your account
  • Send surveys, or check-in messages after visit X to gauge patient satisfaction
  • Patient communication has never been easier
  • HENO links email submissions to your domain, so patients can receive and respond to email messages coming from your domain
  • HENO’s two-way texting platform directly integrates with marketing automation which means patients can respond to automated texts and engage in two-way communications with you right from HENO

Landing Pages

Landing Pages & Forms Capture Online Patient & Lead Information

Use HENO to build landing pages and forms that collect patient and lead contact information.

  • Use landing pages in online advertising campaigns with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others
  • When a lead fills out a form, your clinic gets an email notification, HENO creates a lead on the dashboard, and the patient receives a custom thank you email from your HENO account
  • Track Return on Marketing Spend by linking landing pages to marketing channels – this allows you to understand which campaigns are producing the best output

Lead Tracking

Easy, Integrated Lead Tracking

Why use an external software to track and manage leads? Short answer: because most EMR systems don’t include marketing and lead tracking. All that changes with HENO. Meet the true all-in-one healthcare marketing software with simplified lead management

  • Manually enter leads for tracking
  • When pre-patients fill out landing page forms, HENO automatically creates leads, and places them on your dashboard for easy management
  • Contact leads, enter notes in fields, and convert them to patients when the time is right

Marketing Reports

Powerful Marketing Metrics

You can’t improve what you don’t track. Get the edge on running your clinic with powerful marketing metrics.

  • Understand everything about referral sources, referring doctors, and lead sources to better understand marketing performance
  • Track Revenues by Referring Doctors
  • Track total Referrals by Doctor Year over Year

Target Physicians

Boost Referrals With Intuitive Doctor Targeting

To effectively grow your clinic you’re going to want to get the word out to referring physicians. HENO autmates, and systematizes physician targeting like no other software. We should know, we used this exact software to build two PT clinics from the ground up, and a good percentage of our revenues come from Referring Physicians

  • Report number of marketing activities per staff member to see who is most effectively targeting physicians
  • Track prospecting and targeting activities when you call, email, and visit physicians to attempt to build referral business
  • Track notes, entertainment costs, and set follow-up reminders so you stay in touch with potential referring physician referral sources

Below are some example fax blasts you might use to strategically communicate with Referring Physicians in your area.

Fax Blasting Doctors

Grow Your Business – Fax Blast Physicians

If you want to grow your clinic, strategically fax blasting is a smart strategy. We’ve tested the theory in our own clinics: when you stay in touch with referring physicians, your business grows! It’s as simple as that. That’s why we bring you HENO’s single click fax blasting.

  • Mass fax your physician referral sources
  • Fax blasting is a simple, efficient way to grow inbound referrals. Checkout the example faxes to the left for ideas about how you might use fax blasing to communicate with your referring doctors
  • Create a library of faxable PDFs
  • Setup strategic groups of doctors by specialty for strategic fax blasting. IE- setup a Pediatric Physician list and fax blast them about Torticolis, then setup a Geriatric List and fax them about Balance and Fall Prevention

Patient Activity Log

360 Degree View of Patient Communications

HENO’s 360 degree view of patient communications is a total game changer.

  • View sent and received text messages, logged phone calls, automatically sent emails, and more from the patient contact history
  • Throw out your sticky notes – now you can set follow-up reminders so you don’t forget to follow-up with patients
  • Upload files on patient records
  • Use 6 custom patient fields to track and report on anything you need
  • Take patient pictures and store them on the patient profile so you can put a name to the face

2-Way Patient Texting

Enhance communication with two-way Patient Texting

Modern patients demand easier communication with their healthcare providers. Meet them where they want to be which is on their phones via text.

  • Manually enter leads for tracking
  • When pre-patients fill out landing page forms, HENO automatically creates leads, and places them on your dashboard for easy management
  • Contact leads, enter notes in fields, and convert them to patients when the time is right