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All-In-One Software by PTs for PTs

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  • Documentation & HEP
  • Billing
  • Appointment Automations
  • Marketing
  • Retail/Cash-Pay
  • Digital Intake
  • Patient Portal
  • 2-Way Faxing
Physical Therapy EMR Devices

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Physical Therapy Scheduling Software

Boost Revenues

Easily Fill Up Your Schedule

Boost appointments and revenues with HENO Automations today!

  • Book More Appointments. When patients cancel appointments HENO Mass Texts your Waitlist to quickly fill vacant slots
  • Automatic Patient Outreach. HENO automatically emails and texts patients, using multi-step automation sequences, to quickly get your schedule filled up
  • Automatic email, text, and voice reminders keep no-shows low
  • Let patients book appointments online & complete digital intake forms

Therapy Documentation Software

Hello 5 – 7 minute evals

Not only did we build two clinics from scratch, but we drink our own Kool Aid by using HENO to power those clinics! You can count on software built for therapists by therapists!

  • Flexible templates for PT, OT, & Speech
  • Stop typing so much, and focus more on patients
  • Automatically Paste Digital Intake answers into Evaluations
  • Send digital functional outcomes to patients, then HENO does the rest
  • Integrated Home Exercise Programs
  • Are you ready to join the HENO Revolution? 
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Integrated Billing Software 

Stop Losing Your Hard Earned Revenues

HENO’s integrated billing software & clearinghouse allows Physical Therapy Clinics to manage all their billing needs from a single login.  Just say no to multiple logins 

  • Send e-claims to commercial, government payers, worker comp and Auto payers
  • Receive automatic ERA payments
  • Automated overdue claims alerts make sure you’re collecting every last dime
  • Get paid super fast – bulk text patients, and let them pay via credit card from their phones

Integrated Marketing Software

Grow Revenues

  • Bulk Fax Physicians & track referrals by doctor, source, and revenue
  • Mass email & text patients to increase appointments
  • Build landing pages, and track and manage leads
  • Trigger automated patient email & text sequences to reschedule missed patients, or check-in after discharge

Simply Online Booking

Skyrocket Staff Productivity With HENO’s Patient Portal

  • Automatically copy patient answers into evals
  • Score outcomes completed by patients with a single click
  • Get new patients while you sleep – patients self register online
  • Online Scheduling
  • Email or text patient intake forms & Functional Outcome Measures
  • Generate Passive Revenue by adding HENO’s store to your website