Physical Therapy Billing Software

All-In-One PT Billing Software, Clearinghouse, & EMR

HENO increased our revenues by >$10,000 per month

Mike told us HENO helped him increase revenues by over $10,000 month through better billing and collections. Here are some of the benefits he realized with HENO:

  • Accessible Metrics
  • Great & responsive customer support
  • Things not falling through the cracks
  • Better Prior Authorization Management

Mike explains, “HENO has led to a complete 180 degree turn. Things don’t slip between the cracks anymore. HENO is actually increasing our revenue. It has increased our monthly revenue by over $10,000 per month.”

Mike Uhrlaub, PT
HENO customer

Don’t Make a Huge Mistake

$262 Billion Denied Annually

Recent studies reveal that $262 Billion in claims are denied in the USA every year, and that between 40-60% of those denials are never resubmitted. Let those numbers sink in for a moment. You can use HENO Software to do your billing in-house or you can say goodbye to the headaches of billing with HENO’s outsourced RCM Billing Services. Now you have multiple ways to stay in the billing fight.

This deny claims first, and ask questions later policy means hard working therapists must find Physical Therapy Billing Software capable of empowering their success (aka fighting the insurance companies). The most beautiful documentation software is less useful than a wheeless car if it doesn’t get you paid. Billing Software pays the bills, and if you don’t have powerful billing software, all your clinic’s revenues will be gobbled up by the Insurance Companies.

The Problem: Most clinicians don’t know how to investigate billing software because it’s foreign to them. Therefore, we are offering a complimentary zoom consultation for clinicians about how to research, investigate, and analyze billing software. You’ll get a free checklist after the call to help you research and find the best billing software, and you’ll come away from the meeting with a decent understanding of how to analyze billing software to position your clinic’s success.

iMac, iPad & iPhone with software screenshots

Integrated Clearinghouse

Single Login – Billing & Clearinghouse Software

Using separate billing software and clearinghouse software slows you down, and leads to lost revenues. HENO’s single login contains both billing software and clearinghouse software in one. This true all-in-one makes it easy to get paid for your services without the hassle of disconnected systems.

  • Submit electronic claims to thousands of government, commercial, workers compensation, and auto insurance companies
  • Documentation Notes are electronically attached to Workers Compensation and Auto claims
  • HENO will automatically post ERA, Electronic Remittance Advice Payments, into the system for you, automatically applying them against the outstanding claims
  • Fix and resubmit rejections and denials without leaving HENO
  • With HENO’s integrated clearinghouse you’ll never need to login to a seperate clearinghouse again

Serious Analytics

Stunningly Powerful Analytics

To stand a chance in the battle against Insurance organizations that deny $262 billion annually, you need efficient and easy to use billing analytics. Simply stated, it must be very easy for you to not only measure performance, but to quickly take action to speed up reimbursements. HENO’s billing dashboards display the following:

  • Powerful Drill down reports including: 
  • Patient Accounts Receivable by Patient
  • Insurance Accounts Receivable by Insurance Company 
  • Encounters ready for review 
  • Rejected and Denied Claims 
  • Overview Claims 
  • Unapplied Payments 
  • Multi-Year Financial Graphs show Revenues posted and A/R balances

Eligibility Verification

Protect Your Income – Stop Denials In Their Tracks

Did you know ~26% of Insurance Claims are Denied for eligibility problems? Billions in claims go unpaid simply because the providers failed to verify patient insurance before their appointments.

  • One mouse click eligibility verifications will protect you from thousands in lost revenues
  • HENO eligibility reports display co-pay, co-insurance, deductible, prior-authorization requirements, PT visits included in benefits versus remaining, used amount of therapy cap for Medicare, and NPI in-network status * 

*results vary by payer

Prior Authorization Tracking

Tired of Prior Authorizations Falling Through the Cracks?

  • Forgetting to complete prior authorizations leads to revenue losses
  • HENO provides proactive prior authorization alerts during scheduling, during documentation, and on various reports and dashboards
  • Users can turn on settings to require Prior Authorizations at the plan-level to slash rejections and denials
  • Prior Authorizations Work Queue makes it easy for office staff to see prior authorizations that are close to expiration, add notes, and set follow-up reminders to ensure they follow-up at the right times
  • In the video to the right Prior Authorizations starts at 4:44

Mass Text Patient Statements

Get Paid In Minutes, Not Weeks

  • Bulk text patient statements, and get paid in minutes
  • Patients pay online while you kick back and watch the cash roll in
  • Getting paid has never been so easy
  • Email & Printed batch statements are also available
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing required for patient statement texting

Claims Routing Automation

Goodbye 90 Page AR Aging Reports – Hello Automated Digital Worklists

HENO automatically routes overdue claims to Digital Claims Work Lists to ensure you never let a penny fall between the cracks. This is the great equalizer to help your clinic battle the insurance companies who deny first, and ask questions later. HENO’s easy to use, yet powerful claims automation is the great equalizer.

  • Setup customized payer-based time thresholds that automatically route claims to the No Response list when claims are overdue
  • Mass Rebill All Claims from No Response Report
  • Set follow-up dates, add claims notes, and review past notes
  • Setup billing templates to automatically add quick text claim notes to ensure you don’t forget to capture or document critical details during follow-up calls
  • Fly through your follow-up list with custom reports displaying just the data you need when you need it
  • Create Filters on any fields, Pivot Tables, Charts and Graphs, color-coded row highlights, and Calculation Formulas to better understand your outstanding Claims

All-In-One Benefits

The Countless Benefits of All-In-One EMR & Billing Software

Many Therapy Software vendors claim to have an all-in-one EMR and Billing Software Platform, yet if you dig into the details you discover most of them have a 5 in 1, or a 4 in 1. In other words, large software companies who acquire multiple software systems, then program them together most likely cannot claim to have All-In-One software. Why? Because branding a two seperate systems such as a billing software and an EMR, as an all-in-one simply because claims can flow from the documentation to the billing software, does not make them an all in one.

  • Faster Billing. With all-in-one software, you can bill claims the same day you treat patients. HENO even lets you bill patients before notes are signed which will accelerate your time to payment
  • Better security. The more systems, and more logins you use, the more chance there are for data breaches, and online hacking events. All-In-One’s offer deeper security and better encryption
  • Less Duplicate Data Entry. One of the biggest problems with non all-in-one systems is that staff become very inefficient, and they have to enter data in multiple places. This cuts down staff productivity and efficiency
  • Better cash-flow, fewer denials, and fewer rejections. When you use multiple systems you have to enter data in multiple places, and this leads to data entry errors. These data entry errors lead to claims denials and rejections, and these hurt clinics revenues
  • All-In-Ones offer the simplicity of being able to send claims same day without any necessity of re-entering data in multiple places. This means faster cash-flow, fewer headaches, and more efficient staff

Billing Templates

It’s About Time Billers Got Their Own Templates!

Introducing biller templates. Tired of retyping your follow-up call notes every time you call a payer? HENO has an automation for that too!

  • Build quick text templates which can be repeatedly used during follow-up calls without constant retyping
  • Quick texts can also be used to make sure you ask the right questions when you talk to certain insurance carriers. By creating a template, it will help you remember what to ask during those calls

Automated Modifiers

Don’t Forget Your Modifiers

  • Automated 59s, CO and CQ Modifiers
  • Proactive KX modifier triggers remind therapists to add KXs
  • Load modifiers on any CPT for any payer at the fee schedule levels
  • Create billing overrides to automatically add modifiers, or switch rendering providers


Claims-Based MIPS Reporting

With HENO you can automatically submit claims-based reporting for MIPS, or use HENO’s integration with partner FOTO to submit through a certified registry

  • Automated MIPS rules require therapists to complete MIPS details
  • HENO automatically submits MIPS details with e-claims submitted to Medicare

Cash-Pay Software

General Store Manages Cash-Pay Patients Like a Pro

Tired of using a totally separate software to manage retail and private pay patients? HENO’s General Store will simplify your cash-pay patients in no time.

  • Digital Punch Cards, Visit Packages, Discount Codes
  • Retail Products, commission tracking, online store
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Recurring Patient Payments
  • Staff Commission Tracking
  • Inventory Management

Credit Card Processing

Patient Payments Simplified

  • Let patients Pay Online
  • Capture Patient Credit Cards before they come into clinic using digital intake forms
  • Swipe Payments, Type Payments, or collect from the patient’s card on file
  • Text & email Patient Statements, and let patients pay via Credit card from their phones
  • Credit Card Expiration Reports display cards with upcoming expirations
  • Collect Batch Co-Pays from the Schedule List View before patients come in
  • Setup Payment Plans, and let HENO automatically process monthly payments from a patient’s Credit Card

Batch Credit Card Processing

Collect Batch Copays in Seconds

  • With HENO you can collect co-payments for every patient on the calendar in seconds
  • Simply go to the schedule list view, select all patients, then collect payments
  • HENO automatically emails receipts to all patients

Bulk Fax CMS 1500 Forms

Mass Faxing CMS 1500s Makes Billing So Easy

Tired of manually faxing CMS 1500s one by one? Don’t Worry, HENO has you covered

  • Batch Fax CMS1500s using HENO’s e-faxing
  • Stop faxing CMS1500s one at a time – let HENO automate that for you