Ways to Increase Medical Practice Revenue

It is no secret the world of healthcare is rapidly changing, we are feeling the effects even at the level of Physical Therapy. Trending large therapy corporations and trying to set your clinic apart can sometimes be challenging.One thing you can do is to stay on top of the newest gadgets and techniques that are constantly evolving to benefit the profession. Another way in which you can stay ahead of the curve is to figure a way to integrate new services. For our clinic, this meant bringing in Chiropractic Care.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic (despite their professional disputes) actually form an amazing treatment plan for a potential patient, with proven greater outcomes over a shorter treatment time.  Our hope is to create a healing experience for the patient where they can obtain multiple services in one setting thusly, condensing the usual shenanigans that patients face when initializing the consideration for a clinic or clinics in their recovery process. A “one stop shop” type of deal.

Using conservative care methods https://www.spine-health.com/glossary/conservative-treatment, through combining Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy we have found that the draw to the patients and providers is significantly more profound. That is not to say our other services dwindle in the shadows over seen. We offer Massage Therapy, Cold Laser Treatment, Bio Q Pulse and a host of other services that when combined with our treatment plan seem to create the new anomaly of our practice.

I guess what I am eluding to is there is really no wrong elective treatment. If you believe in the abilities of what you are offering there should be no short selling it.  Sometimes we have to realize that the body healing is also a mental recognition. If you can show a person how to work through the mental portion of what is going helping them out of their own headspace on you are truly doing them a service!  With these methods, I have seen patients have better outcomes, I have seen them being discharged at a faster rate and I have seen what we are doing work!

Introducing new services is sometimes trial and error. Will the populace jump on your choice? There is no good answer for this question. The best advice I can give is to really dig into your demographical area. Are there yoga studios on every corner? Gyms offering personal trainers? Find what your community may be asking for or what will fit into your practice the best, but most of all do not be afraid to think outside of the box! For instance, I was at a local MS support group during one of their meetings where they initiated my newest and brightest idea; Tai Chi. Where we are there is an ample amount of Yoga studios but nothing in regard to Tai Chi.  Supply and Demand, it’s the universal language that any type of vendor needs to survive and to be profitable. By offering something not standard we have created a new draw. (Again, this type of elective supports our Physical Therapy and Chiropractic base, complimenting it even.)

When it comes to healthcare and staying ahead of the curve, this means constantly evolving, recognizing when change needs to be made and knowing when to adapt to that evolution. Integrating new services that compliment what your clinic is already known for is a great way to get a one up on the competitors. Stay fresh, be inventive and find ways to help your community be at its best.