Physical Therapy Practice: Creating a Niche Practice

If you’re starting a new practice, or looking for a way to set yourself up for more referrals, targeting a niche market is super important.  Most people aren’t sure what the best way to go about this would be.  First, look at your demographics.  What types of people are you surrounded by??  Is it more of a working class, retirees, children and families?  Are you in more of an industrial area that employs a lot of factory workers, or an area heavy in people with desk-type jobs?  

Once you figure out your demographics, it’s easier to narrow down your options to break into a different realm  of your practice.  Let’s say you have a practice in a town that is full of factory and line workers; those folks will tend to have more overuse injuries, back and neck pain, and issues with body mechanics.

1. Take specific CEU courses relating to these types of injuries.  Learn as much as you can on the topics and update your knowledge base.

2. Market, market, market.  Use google keywords relating to this new “expertise” you have. Send faxes to doctors, to the community, and on social media to let the world know how you can help.

3. Create a blog targeted towards this expertise and spread the word through education.

4. Target the companies themselves.  Email, visit, call and try to set up a meeting so that you can explain how you can help them.  You could work towards setting up a wellness program for their employees, or even work with HR to acquire these patients once an injury occurs.


The great thing about being a specialist in physical therapy, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have taken some type of test or are “certified” in a specific area; although you can be those things.  You can be an expert in a specific niche of physical therapy solely based on the fact that you are passionate and have a lot of experience in a particular area.  I consider myself an expert in outpatient neuro; but I’ve never taken a test.  I’ve never gotten certified.  I have a vast amount of experience and knowledge that has allowed me to excel in this area.


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