How Using Software Exploded My Practice

Are you having a difficult time balancing being a parent, a spouse and a practice owner??  Are you struggling with perfecting (or even creating) the systems in your practice that can ultimately help give you more freedom???  That was me too.  You are one of the many that can’t seem to get a flow and begins to be an owner in a JOB.

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How’d Things Change For Me?

Together with my husband (an Air Force vet and an amazing software programmer), we built our own EMR and systems software.  We built it for my clinic, for my practice.  I was desperate to create a solution to break free of being a slave to my own business.  A solution that encompassed the BIG 10 for Scaling a Practice.

Automation is What It’s All About

Utilizing software has been transformational for my own practice, and I’m on a mission to help other practice owners to understand that you don’t have to do this alone.   You should be able to use software to your advantage.  Sometimes it’s difficult to understand that the initial investment you need to make (whether time or money) will be so well worth it in the end.  It even has the capabilities to replace 1 or more employees!  Can you imagine that?!

Check out my next blog post to see where I am now.

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