How I Was Neglecting My Family and Myself.

Do you ever feel like you’re hitting a wall in your practice???  You’re 100% not alone here.  Ask ANYONE you know that went to PT or OT school…we learned pretty much NOTHING about how to run a business.  We learned NOTHING about marketing our services.  I’m starting to wonder what we did learn!!

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Opening My Practice Doors

Opening a practice was certainly a whole lot more than just treating patients and I’m not sure if I knew what the hell I was getting myself into.  It was a hot mess!  I felt like I was running in circles trying to create some type of “flow” in my practice.  I was constantly plugging holes in this flow with different pieces of software – automated appointment reminders to help with patient compliance, faxing software for streamlining my communication with physicians, an EMR system to try and speed up documentation, and soooo many more.  I was using 8 different software systems to try and run and operate my practice.  It didn’t work.  It ultimately cost me more time, money and frustration.  I was spending more time away from home, missing out on time with my children and my husband.  And the nights I did make it home for dinner with my family, it was rushed, and I was stressed out thinking about everything I needed to get done for my business.  I took 2 hours of patient notes home every night.  All of this started sucking the joy out of treating patients and really made me second guess my reason for doing this in the first place.  There had to be an easier way.

Something Had to Give

My kids were growing up before my eyes and I was missing out on a lot of it.  I had to make a change in my practice or I was going to be stuck in this place and ultimately have more guilt and regret.  I started putting together a list of everything I needed to fix this endless cycle (which by the way, is now my BIG 10 for Scaling Your Practice).  I couldn’t find anything currently on the market that met my needs for fully automating and running my clinic.    

Do you feel like this too??  Do you eat, sleep, breathe and exude all things business, even during family time?  Do you feel like you’re alone in this?  Because you’re not.  I’ve been there and I want to help you get out of that place.  

Check out my next blog post to learn about how I leveraged what I had to EXPLODE….

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