Physical Therapy Practice: Empowering Physical Therapist’s to venture out on their own

As a physical therapist trying to make it in a cut-throat market, between the insurance companies and the competition of the hospitals, my original passion for this industry and our patients rapidly multiplied.  The business model that my husband and I started with ended up escalating into something more.  Something way bigger than just my own small physical therapy practice.

My main motivation as a professional, as a physical therapist, is to spread the word about how amazing our profession is.  No really, we are.  We spend more than five minutes with a patient listening to their concerns and truly addressing their needs.  We don’t push pills or try to cover up symptoms, we merely get to the root cause of the problem.  We focus on fast turn around times with our patients, not dragging out session after session if it’s not necessary.

Educating the public on what we actually do as physical therapists started to become my mission.  After finding out our neighbor, and good friend for years, thought only chiropractors treated back pain, I knew something needed to change.  But how could I, one tiny little clinic owner make this change?  How would I even have the time and resources to be able to do that?

The practice management software that my husband, Jeff, and I developed to help our business run on one system efficiently and seamlessly became the ticket.  We could provide other private practice owners in physical therapy an amazing (and I mean amazing!) solution in their clinics that allow them to focus on what they know and do best, treat patients and EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE!

As we take the steps to launch our product to the public (still with no true identity, HRST Apps, Savvy Scrubs EMR, and who know what else we’ll decide to call this system), we are getting closer to my ultimate vision of physical therapists having the confidence and now the tools to be able to open their own private practice.

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