The Ultimate Win: Getting Time Back in My Life

By streamlining and automating the processes in my practice by using software I have been able to get time back in my life!  I have 2 clinic locations and over 25 employees.  We see over 50 new evaluations each week and are able to make a larger impact in our community.  I have been able to pay for my entire team (and their significant others) to go on a cruise this month.  We’ve had box seats at an NBA game with our team.  We’ve been able to go bowling together, go to Dave & Buster’s, and continue to build and foster an amazing culture together.  I haven’t directly treated patients in over 9 months.  And most importantly, I am home every night for dinner, I can go on my kids’ field trips and volunteer in their school and have the time freedom I never had before.

Bring the joy back into your practice.   

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