Your team should be your most valuable asset.

Let’s face it. One of the most difficult parts of growing your private practice can be managing employees. But without employees, you cannot grow your business to new heights!  Your team is also what sets you and your practice apart from your competitors.  The compassion, the personalities, the encouragement, and the communication your team members have can truly make or break your physical therapy practice (and in any business as a matter of fact).  That is why it is so important to curate a group of people that help make your practice shine!

How you act and lead as the owner, the manager, or the boss can be very reflective of how your team carries out the essentials functions of the business.  These 6 areas are important to execute properly in order to build a great team.

1.  Build a solid foundation for your team

Having a solid foundation to grow your physical therapy practice is essential.  And your team is what makes up this foundation.  If you’re disorganized and don’t have the processes and procedures in place, your team will suffer.  And then ultimately, your patients will suffer as well.

2.  Communication

Just like good communication in a marriage is essential, good communication in a PT practice is also vital to the success of the company.  If you do not know how to connect or how to properly convey your message, then it will not come across favorably for you and the practice.  The bigger your team gets, the more important good communication becomes.  It’s vital.  Your team is often comprised of many different ages, races, genders, education levels, personality traits and so many more diverse backgrounds, that often times it makes clear communication more difficult.  But if every member of your team is not on the same page, then you will suffer.  But on the flip side, if everyone on the team has clear and concise communication with each other, then you will run like a well-oiled machine.

3. Hiring properly

What is your hiring process like?  Do you have a clear protocol for how you post job positions, screen candidates, interview and make the hiring decisions?  Do you cut corners when you’re desperate?  Having a solid system for all things HIRING is one of the best ways you can start out a new employee on the right foot with your practice.  If you’re desperate or cut corners, you’re going to attract and hire the wrong people.

4.  Team training

If you do not routinely have training time with your team, you’re setting yourself up for failure.  The $1,000+/hour task of team training is more important than anything else you can do as a business owner.  If your team is not updated and on the same page at all times, it can really bite you in the ass in the long run.  So make time for your people!

5.  Employee engagement

Having a team that is excited to be there every day and moving full steam towards a common mission is essential.  But it’s also not an easy thing to achieve.  Most employers have no idea how to get their team engaged; and this shows with the millions and millions of dollars each year that is spent because of the LACK of engagement from employees.

6.  Automation

Take a hard look at your practice’s processes.  You want to look out for areas of the business that seem to be inefficient.  Whether that means your receptionist is having to manually enter patient demographics into 2 systems for the billing and EMR, or your biller has to manually enter CPT codes into a clearinghouse, or your physical therapist is taking 30 minutes to complete an evaluation report;  these are processes that can (and should) be buttoned up with more efficient systems.  Never ever try to save a dime if it’s going to take more time!

Do you want your team to take ownership?

The team you build can either make or break your practice. Learn the systems that you need to put into place to build a winning team from the ground up. Even if you are just starting out in private practice, or if you’re established, but struggling to find the right people….the course below is for you.

I have always wanted to have a team that could laugh together, cry together and bust their butts to work hard for the common good together.  I also wanted a team that I could rely on to make great decisions without me and allow me to spend more time away from the office and with my family.  And now that I finally have that, I want you to have it too!  Join me in this course to help get time back in your life by building a kick-ass team that will not only grow your practice, but a team that will grow your dreams!

This 6-week course is designed to help you get on track and/or grow your team by establishing a solid foundation.  What you’ll learn in this course will be invaluable to your success as a mentor, as a boss, as a practice owner and as a leader. By the end of this virtual course, you will be able to hire the right staff, build a better culture, establish a training system that works and helps you to scale your practice, work on getting systems in place for everything HR, know how to empower your team (because money is not usually the answer), and how to finally step away from the day-to-day, rely on your team and watch your practice continue to grow!

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