The Benefits of Patient Education in Physical Therapy

There is such a wide variety of conditions and diagnosis that Physical Therapy can treat, some of them without ever being in any sort of pain.  I am still stunned and amazed at the amount of people that ask what and if we can treat specific ailments.

When a patient enters the clinic, that moment is the perfect module in which to educate. This begins with the experience at the desk and carries over into treatment. Take time to go over specifics with your patient, let them know there is an open line of communication in case they happen to have any other inquiries. The more informed the patient, the more likely they are to develop a well seeded relationship with their therapist, after all we do what we do to help others, right? 

Physical Therapy has so much to offer our society. As advocates for one of the most phenomenal professions in the world, it is our obligation to educate as much as we can (In whatever way we can) to entice patient and community awareness.  This can be through social media platforms, a company website, blogs/articles, and good ole fashion face to face interaction! It is logical to deduce an informed person has the ability to be a healthier person.   If we are an information source to help launch the community into a healthier state of being, we become a reliable source in which to regard.

Another way that you can ensure your clinic is upholding a higher level of excellence is to continue education for not only your clinicians but for your administrative staff.  By no means does this need to be extensive for the administration, however it is important to be informed when speaking! (This does not mean that the administration will in any way advise the patient in place of the therapist, it simply means that they are informed and as such can attend to the patient properly.) We find that despite the fact that patients spend time with the clinicians they still seem to quiz the desk about different subjects, questions about treatments to diagnosis symptoms.

Creating an environment where patients are engaged to take ownership and responsibility for their indisposition(s) is an equation for a solution to the initial problem. If you stimulate thought and an appetite to gain knowledge, chances are you will be opening a new world for some individuals.  Help get the word out! Be the change, it starts with you! The more we are able to get out what we encompass, the more people PHYSICAL THERAPY can truly help!

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