5 Quick Tricks for Happier Patients and More Referrals

Whether you are a physical therapy clinic or a specialized medical facility, you probably need more referrals and more patients coming through your door. In times when word is spreading the fastest, we all tend to share our experiences with our friends and family regarding services that we are satisfied with.

Now, if these services are related to our health, the word will even spread faster. But how do you take advantage of this situation from the perspective of a clinic – and make sure that your patients are happy and willing to recommend you?

1. Offer Generous Rewards

There isn’t a single patient that will say no to getting something extra. Whether that is a piece of chocolate, a redeemable gift card or a discount – your patients will always be more likely to spread the word. It is up to you to develop an effective rewards or loyalty program and always put the ‘cherry on top of the cake’.

2. Boost Your Social Media Presence

In today’s digital era, referrals happen online just as much as they do in person. So, it is your job to entice your customers to engage with your business online via likes and shares. As your social sites grow in size and traffic keeps on building, your business will start to gain valuable exposure to the previously unreachable audience.

3. Go Above And Beyond

The best way to ensure that you have happier patients (and referrals) is to always go above and beyond their expectations. The key here is to offer a high quality experience that actually makes them want to spread the word.

4. Show Them That You Care

A gesture of gratitude to each one of your patients can go a long way in making them feel appreciated. It can be a personalized card, a phone call or a text during the holidays to make them feel valued. A great idea for this is to start sending appointment reminders, one or more days before each appointment they have in your clinic.

5. Strive For Excellent Customer Service

There are so many customer service horror stories out there – and most of them are not with happy endings. However, one big mistake that clinics nowadays make is that they ‘give up’ on a negative review and miss on going the extra mile to transform it to a positive one.

We believe that these five tricks will help you boost your referrals and most importantly – invest all your time and efforts in (more than) satisfied patients!

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