Physical Therapy Practice: Getting your PT patients excited about coming to therapy!

Let’s admit it! Sometimes you just do not want to come to therapy. You’re tired. Your schedule is jam-packed. You know it might ask you to do some uncomfortable or tiring exercises. And today is just not your day. When you find yourself having the therapy blues, what’s a guy or gal supposed to do? Here’s some tips about how to get yourself (or your patients) excited about coming to therapy.

  • Remember your goal! The big and little ones. Your therapist is working with you to try to get you back to your desired goal, whether that’s playing a round of golf, lifting up your little ones, or being able to relax pain-free. Sometimes though those bigger goals seem so far off. It’s more than ok to focus on the small victories on those tough days. Maybe you were able to lift your arm a little further than before. Or maybe you added a little weight to your exercises. Celebrate! Your therapist is. It’s the little goals that make up the big ones. Likes trees to a forest.
  • Make friends! Therapists’ days are happier when we get the chance to talk and get to know our patients. We are not just rehabilitation machines and you are not just another number. Share your stories with us. Every one needs that workout buddy to help motivate them. If you aren’t looking forward to the workout, you can at least look forward to the conversation. Most therapists even know a good joke or two. I’m sure you will find at least a couple of them Humerus.
  • Play that pump up song! You know we’ll have the tunes playing to keep your mood up during your treatment but a little boost beforehand can help get you ready to sweat. So play that ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and turn up the volume. You are Rocky and physical therapy are those steps. You’re going to make it to the top!
  • Savor that feeling of accomplishment! Close your eyes and take a moment to consider that post-therapy feeling. You felt good knowing you have done something that is good for you. You’re the adult who still doesn’t like eating your veggies, but your stomach thanks you for making the healthy choice. Physical therapy might be your broccoli. But your muscles and joints are thanking you for your effort. Maybe you are still feeling muscle soreness from last time, but don’t forget that using those muscles in the right way can help alleviate that muscle soreness.
  • And if all else fails, Smile! The mind is a powerful powerful tool. Use it to your advantage. A positive attitude can change your experience. You ARE excited for therapy. Repeat that. You CAN do it. Repeat that. Put one foot in front of the other (or more likely, the pedal to the metal) and make your way on in. You won’t regret it.

Congratulations! You stuck it out! You did not let anything come between you and your therapy. Soak in that feeling of pride!

Getting your PT patients excited about coming to therapy isn’t always an easy feat…use this article to hand out to your patients so they can stay encouraged and motivated and really be EXCITED about their PT!



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