4 Easy Strategies to Significantly Increase Your Patient Volume

Putting more patients through the doors is nowadays something every clinic or medical facility is concerned with. If your physical or occupational therapy practice is not seeing an influx of new patients as of lately, you should definitely do something about it.

In order to help you, we are listing the five easiest fixes to this situation – one that guarantee a significant increase in your patient volume.

1. Positive Reviews

It seems like people are taking everything to the Internet nowadays. A simple thumbs up icon or a thumbs down one can make all the difference to the image of your medical practice online. So, why not entice your existing patients to give your practice a review?

If they are not motivated to do that, you can offer a discount or something extra if they consider to do that in front of you. That way, the Internet will know that your practice is engaged and on-point with every patient.

2. Engage With New Crowds

Participating in community service projects, fundraising events, workshops or everything related to your industry and niche can significantly increase the patient volume in your medical practice. The best time to host or be part of networking conferences, speaking events or even online webinars – is now.

3. Expand Your Portfolio Of Services

The more services you have, the more patients will use them eventually. So, why not adapt to the new trends and align your services in the same way?

For example, if you have seen an increase of young patients, you could consider adding a dedicated pediatrics therapist to your clinic. If you are losing business to a local outpatient hospital that is nearby, add services that they do not provide and market those heavily.

4. Schedule Follow-Up Appointments

Follow-up appointments may be an obvious point to increasing the patient volume. However, the statistics show that physical therapists always have patients fall through the cracks and never get scheduled or return for treatment. This is certainly a major deal when it comes to patient retention, and an aspect that may prevent growth over time.

Being able to track and know immediately when patient follow up appointments are missing is not always easy to do.  Find a system, like HENO, that allows you to easily do this without any effort.

At last…

It takes a lifetime to gain new patients and a second to lose them. That is why you should do your best to treat each patient like it is your last – and ensure that they are coming back time and time again.

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