6 Benefits of Doing Medical Marketing Through Your Practice Management Platform

All businesses must market themselves if they want to succeed and stay financially healthy. While it would be great if you could simply count on organic word-of-mouth to grow your practice, you’ll need to utilize other marketing methods as well. As a healthcare provider, you have options and limitations when it comes to marketing. One of the biggest limitations of medical marketing is that everything you do to market your practice must adhere to HIPAA rules and regulations.

When we were designing HENO, we debated whether to include marketing solutions. Ultimately, we decided that we wanted our product to be a truly self-contained practice management solution. That’s what we knew would work best for us – and it’s what we wanted to offer our clients.

With that in mind, here are six benefits of doing medical marketing through your practice management platform.

#1: Built-In HIPAA Compliance

The first – and arguably the biggest – benefit of doing your medical marketing through your practice management platform is that you won’t need to worry about HIPAA compliance. Practice management platforms are designed with HIPAA compliance in mind. They have to be because all healthcare providers and practices are bound by law to adhere to HIPAA regulations.

The problem with using outside marketing solutions is that they may or may not be HIPAA compliant. Many of them are not and make no mention of HIPAA on their websites. Even the simple act of uploading an email list onto these sites would constitute a HIPAA violation.

#2: Marketing Solutions Designed for Medical Marketing

The next benefit of choosing a practice management platform that includes marketing tools is that you’ll have access to marketing solutions that are specially designed for medical marketing. While medical marketing has a lot in common with traditional marketing, there are some differences.

For example, many medical practices have robust referral programs that allow them to get patient referrals from other providers, local businesses, and existing patients. We designed HENO to make it easy to collect and track referrals. We also offer some unique marketing features such as scheduling and sending fax blasts to referral sources.

#3: Safe Data Storage and Collection

Because HIPAA compliance is a must for medical practices, it’s essential to choose a marketing solution that allows you to collect information from patients and share it with them in a secure manner.

Any information you collect from potential leads will be secure and you won’t need to worry about outsourcing your medical marketing to a third-party vendor. That’s a plus if you want to minimize the risk to your patients.

#4: Affordable Medical Marketing Solutions

All marketing can be expensive and medical marketing comes with some special challenges that require attention. One of the most significant benefits of doing your medical marketing through your practice management platform is that it makes marketing more affordable.

Instead of paying for multiple software platforms to help maximize your marketing efforts, you can keep everything in one place. It can also save you money by streamlining your marketing and saving you and your staff time when you tend to marketing tasks.

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#5: Easy Marketing Management

When you use different marketing tools, it’s your job to track the results of your marketing. Tracking is the only way to calculate the ROI of your marketing campaigns and figure out which methods and campaigns are the most worthwhile to help you grow your practice.

The benefit of using your practice management platform for medical marketing is that the information you need to manage your marketing campaigns and track your results in one convenient location.

#6: Save Time on Your Medical Marketing

Time is your most valuable commodity as a healthcare provider. When you’re pressed for time, you have less of it to offer to your patients. Doing your medical marketing through your practice management platform can help free up some of that much needed time. You don’t have to spend time looking through various platforms to pull marketing analytics or piecing together all your moving parts to make sense of how your efforts are performing.

Doing your medical marketing through your practice management platform is the best way to ensure HIPAA compliance, save money, grow your practice — and make the most of your valuable time. One of the reasons that we created HENO as an all-in-one practice management solution is that we knew how much time it would save us to have it. Now you can benefit from it, too.

HENO has an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard. Using it, you can:

  • Track all marketing activities and reports from your web-enabled device
  • Schedule fax blasts and promotions
  • Get instant insights into completed marketing actions, follow-up tasks, successful referrals, and more
  • Track referrals and in-progress deals
  • View scheduled marketing actions and fax blasts
  • Detail potential leads, companies and doctors

Ready to learn how HENO can help you with your medical marketing? Click here to set up a free demo!

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