How to Streamline Your Physical Therapy Marketing with an All-In-One Marketing Solution

If your physical therapy practice handles your marketing in-house, then you know how difficult it can be to juggle the different aspects of marketing. You may have one person handling social media marketing, email, mailing campaigns, referrals and more.

One of the best ways to streamline your physical therapy marketing is to choose an all-in-one marketing solution such as HENO. We created HENO because we couldn’t find the practice management software we needed – and we included marketing because we wanted to make it as comprehensive a solution as possible.

With that in mind, here are some of the ways that using an all-in-one marketing solution can help you streamline your physical therapy marketing.

Marketing Automation

One of the best ways to streamline your marketing is to choose a solution that includes automation. Marketing automation is a huge time-saver because it allows you to schedule tasks ahead of time and complete them without additional effort from you. Research shows that more than 50% of all companies use marketing automation and the number is growing every year.

A practice management software that includes marketing automation would make it easy for PT practice owners to manage their marketing. You’d be able to send fax blasts to referral sources with a minimum of effort. You could also create and save templates and contact lists, as well as set follow up actions and reminders to help automate and track your team’s marketing progress.


If your marketing strategy includes social media marketing, email marketing, fax marketing and more, you might find yourself spending a lot of time bouncing between marketing platforms to keep track of what you’re doing. Your time is valuable and you deserve a marketing solution that makes it possible for you to focus on the things that are most important to you.

One of the most important things to us when we were creating HENO was to minimize the time we spent doing that. That’s why we recommend putting everything into a centralized location. Using a practice management platform, you can control every aspect of your marketing plan from one place. No more rushing from one software provider to another. Instead, you can get an overview of everything you’re doing and save time.

Create Location-Specific Campaigns

If you’ve got multiple PT offices to market, it can take a lot of time to keep track of each office’s marketing campaigns and location-specific activity. If you can find an all-in-one solution for your physical therapy marketing, you’ll save time and get better results.

Find a platform that offers practices the opportunity to create saved market areas to track marketing campaigns for multiple offices. The benefit of separate market areas is that you can easily take a template or task from one area and tweak it to be used in another area – a huge time-saver.

Nurture Leads

The only way to turn a lead – whether it’s a potential patient or a referral source – into more income for your practice is to nurture it. Lead nurturing can be time-consuming and difficult to manage without an all-in-one solution. It’s easy to lose track of leads and miss out on the opportunity to turn them into paying patients.

When looking for a practice management platform, look for one that allows PT marketers to enter detailed information about leads, track them throughout the nurturing process, and determine which lead-nurturing techniques are most effective. In turn, this will help to convert more leads into paying patients or active referral sources – leading to higher profits for your practice.

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Log Your Activities

When your marketing is happening in multiple locations – and with multiple tools – it’s difficult to keep track of what you’re doing. Before we created HENO, we had to use spreadsheets to track the different aspects of our marketing campaigns.

That’s why we emphasize using a platform with a customizable marketing activity log. You can tweak the log to meet your practice’s specific needs and then use it to track all your marketing activity. It’s an easy way to get an overview of everything you’re doing to market your practice.

Track Your Results

For us, one of the most difficult aspects of physical therapy marketing without an all-in-one solution was tracking our results and determining which of our marketing campaigns were worth repeating and which ones were duds.

A practice management platform that tracks the results of your marketing campaigns will make it easy for you to review them and decide which ones are effective. It also could help keep track of your referral sources, showing you which doctors and companies are sending you the most business. That way, you can focus your marketing efforts – and budget – on the people and platforms that are helping you to grow your practice.

Using an all-in-one marketing solution for your physical therapy marketing is one of the best ways to streamline your marketing – leaving you free to focus on providing the best care possible to your patients. HENO provides all of the above features in one platform made for medical practices, by medical practitioners.

Need help streamlining your marketing? HENO can help! Click here to schedule a free demo today.

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