3 Tips to Help Your Physical Therapy Business

Most people could use help making improvements to their business.  It’s frustrating spending time, money and energy on ideas that don’t work.  Nothing is worse than wasted time!  So why not use other people’s mistakes to your advantage?!  Here are 3 tips to help you grow your practice without wasting resources.

1. Attend Conferences

I don’t mean APTA conferences that really don’t have your best interest as a private practice owner at heart.  Attend conferences that allow you to interact with people going through similar situations as you.  Conferences that are specific to your needs; say, outpatient physical therapy practices.  Indefree and Ignition are both a great start if you’ve never been to one before.  They are smaller and more intimate and allow you to get the most bang for your buck.

2. Network

Don’t just go to a conference and be done.  Keep in touch with other clinic owners and communicate often.  Bounce ideas off of each other, share training ideas and work together to grow your business (even if you may not be at the same stage).  Physical and occupational therapists are the most kind type of people and usually really want to help a fellow PT/OT owner.  Share secrets and let’s create not only a more successful business for yourself, but also for our entire profession.

For the last 8 years, I’ve keep in close contact with friends I’ve made in conferences.  We help train each other’s staff, we share ideas that work, and most of all we are able to connect with amazing people that are in this crazy boat of PT/OT business with us!

3. Leave Your Ego at the Door

Keep an open mind when attending conferences, getting advice, and when talking to others in your shoes.  If you were 100% perfect at what you were doing, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article!  You have to take criticism with a grain of salt and really push forward to better yourself and your business.  Not every idea or suggestion is going to be what is best for your company, but don’t close off the potential to be great because you’re scared or stubborn.  Sometimes the best success comes from leaps of faith and relying on others to help you!

Reach out to me because I am always eager to help a fellow PT or OT business owner.  Our practice isn’t perfect whatsoever, but I am happy to share our mistakes in the hopes that you don’t make them too!


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