How to Increase Referrals from Physicians with 4 Fast Marketing Tricks

In the world of healthcare, competition is a constant and physical therapists, especially in private practices, often struggle to attract more patients. Getting more referrals doesn’t have to be a nightmare – you just need to be smart about it, and the first step towards increasing your patient base is focusing on your relationships.

Relationships are critical to the healthcare business. Studies show that only as little as 10% of physicians may refer their patients to other professionals they don’t know; the rest refer patients to people they trust, like and believe are competent. Thus, the easiest and cheapest marketing ‘trick’ for more physician referrals is focusing on relationship building and networking. Put some time and effort into getting to know other professionals in your field but don’t forget to ‘woo’ the staff and medical assistants in their practice, too.

In addition, make sure to work on your online presence, too. Digital marketing is currently the most effective and popular form of advertising and having a strong online presence equates with running a successful practice. The cheapest way to receive more physician referrals is by utilizing the power of social media. Create a LinkedIn profile to connect with other professionals in the field and make sure to post and share quality content to portray your expertise.

Consider joining existing Twitter chats and LinkedIn groups and discussions about your field of expertise – this is a fantastic way to make yourself known to both physicians and patients, and drastically increase the number of referrals you receive.

Last but not least, make sure to return the favour. Reciprocation is the cheapest and most effective marketing ‘trick’ for receiving physician referrals. The best marketing is word-of-mouth marketing: make sure other professionals in your field know they’re appreciated and they will quickly become your greatest advocates.

In short, when you don’t need to spend a fortune to get more physician referrals. Start working on your relationships with medical staff and other professionals in your industry, network – both offline and online – and make sure to go the extra mile, and results will follow.

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