Physical Therapy Patient Interaction and Its Healing Properties

Imagine you are going to an appointment at a doctor’s office for the first time. Now, picture yourself walking into the office and signing in with the receptionist alienated behind the glass sliding door. You sign in after being directed by the woman behind the barrier and take a seat while you earnestly fill out your paperwork. You perform the same old monotonous procedure, all the while the vibe feeling cold and desolate.

Now, I don’t know about you but I for one highly dislike the idea of going into another in personable office. Typically, people are coming into an office because they have some ailment, they are sick, in pain and suffering. The last thing they should do is be bogged down by just another lifeless experience to another doctor’s office. They deserve to have a person to person interaction. This simple gesture begins the healing process all on its own.  

 Patient’s love to be a person and not a number! Have a presence. It’s important to be greeted, recognized by name and even to go as far as to notice something different or new about the person. Be engaged, strike up a conversation. I guarantee that if this is implemented into what the front desk does you will see an immediate improvement in patient loyalty. I can say this because I not only employ this myself but so do my co-workers. It creates a genuine sense of welcoming. (Still doubting if this works? I encourage you to check out our google reviews sometime.)

Yes, it starts with the reception area however, it SHOULD bleed over into the clinicians time with the patient. I realize that everyone is on a time crunch and there are a million and one things to accomplish throughout the day but there is something to be said for a good bedside manner. Again, through communication sometimes we have the power to uplift. This too is a gift.  It is important to develop a relationship with the patient where maybe just for a little while they can relax, because we they feel that we will do what is necessary to help them get better, faster.

Our patients are loyal because they feel as though they have created a bond with our staff, our clinic reminds me of Cheers, everyone knows your name! (Of course we are minus the alcohol) You can go to any office, why choose ours? “Because this is a place of healing! You guys really go out of your way to make this a place where you want to come, you want to try, and you want to get better!” To quote one of our patients.  It really boils down to an age old saying, it’s the relationship’s in life that matter.  We are granted the ability to help change people’s lives in what we do why not try changing the way in which we do it? The fact is when there are smiles and laughter, people feel better. Where there is encouragement, people feel better. When there is personalization, people feel better. 

Making a visit to a clinic for the first time can be intimidating when you do not know what to expect and sometimes even more do when you do. Finding ways to make people feel like they are more than just a diagnosis is a good way to bring humanity back into healthcare. 

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