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The Best PT Software for Growing a Multi-Office Practice

As the owner of a physical therapy practice, you know how important it is to have the right tools to manage your growing business. One tool you absolutely need is practice management software built for the unique needs of physical therapists. While shopping around you might be wondering which is the best PT software specifically for practices trying to grow into multi-office locations. Since we recently reviewed some of the most popular and highly-rated PT software solutions, here are some popular options on the market.


When we reviewed Clinicient, we quickly realized that it’s not an ideal PT software for single-provider practices. Its tools and features are clearly designed with larger practices in mind — and that includes multi-office practices.

Clinicient’s features include the following:

  • Patient scheduling
  • Integrated billing
  • Intuitive charting
  • Medical recording
  • Customizable charting templates
  • Automated coding and charge capture
  • Goal tracking and exercise management
  • Letter and communication templates
  • Flow sheets

We like the templates, although we do think it’s important to note that some users say that the templates are not as intuitive as they could be. They require some trial and error to get right.

That said, templates are extremely useful for multi-office practices because they make it easy to ensure that all patient records, bills and other documents are uniform and neat.

Our main issue with Clinicient is that their training materials could be better. When you have staff to train across multiple practices, it’s important to be sure that everybody understands your PT software and how to use it.


We own multiple physical therapy practices and we designed HENO specifically for multi-office practices because we understand the special challenges that come with managing more than one office.

HENO has some unique features that no other PT software has. Here’s a full list of features before we point out some of the things that make us special:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly schedules
  • Integrated scheduling across multiple locations
  • Recurring appointments
  • HIPAA-compliant data center
  • Access patient records from any device at any time
  • Centralized patient and insurance billing
  • Self-aggregating financial data
  • Automatic and custom reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Sales reporting & insights
  • Marketing tools and reports
  • Referral management
  • Integrated credit card payments with CardConnect
  • Complete online patient onboarding portal
  • General store

We are particularly proud that HENO allows PTs to integrate scheduling across multiple locations, which is very important if you or any of your providers see patients in more than one office. Likewise, we’re proud to be the only PT software with an embedded claims clearinghouse. This feature has saved us hours of precious time as well as helping us to avoid the frustration of denied claims.

HENO’s pricing starts at $150 per provider and we provide custom quotes for practices with more than 10 providers.

Other Software to Consider

We think that HENO is the best software for multi-office practices because we designed it with large practices. However, it’s still adaptable for use by small, single-provider and single-office practices as well. That makes it the most flexible option on the market.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the other PT software out there and our opinions about whether they are suitable for multi-office practices.

  1. JaneApp can be used by practices of all sizes, but it may not be ideal for multi-office practices. Its interfaces could be better and we particularly dislike that it’s difficult to copy notes or save progress on patient charts.
  2. TheraBill is affordable, but its features are limited. After review, we think that its billing features are not ideal for multi-office practices.
  3. TheraOffice claims to be designed with large and small practices in mind, but the reviews are inconsistent. Users have pointed to issues with its accounting features and also express frustration that windows may not be minimized or work will not be saved until it is completed. Some users also mention hidden costs.

You may want to request demos from several providers before making your choice. We strongly recommend reading reviews from other multi-office practice owners before spending any money on PT software.

Why We Recommend HENO

HENO is the only PT software with an embedded claims clearinghouse designed by the same company that created the software. That means you won’t need to worry about software integrations that don’t work. We included all the features we wanted as multi-office practice owners and we truly believe that’s why our clients love HENO.

We also included marketing tools that will allow you to track practice KPIs, manage your marketing campaigns, and manage referrals. These things are all designed with PTs in mind, making it the most comprehensive and useful PT software for growing your multi-office practice.

Click here to schedule your free HENO demo today!

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