WebPT Reviews: 6 Reasons Why Practice Owners Ditched This EMR Software

If you’ve ever been in the market for physical therapy EMR software, you know that WebPT is one of the biggest players out there. What you may not know is that many practice owners are ditching WebPT in favor of other solutions. Here are 6 reasons why practice owners have decided to look for other EMR software options.

#1: Inability to Save Work in Progress

As a busy physical therapy practice owner, you know that even your best-laid plans can go astray. You might decide to get caught up on patient charts only to be interrupted by phone calls or questions from your staff.

One of the most common complaints about WebPT is that the system does not allow providers and staff members to save their work in progress. That means that if you’re in the middle of completing a patient chart or entering notes and you need to access another screen, you’ll lose your work and be forced to recreate it from scratch.

Is this reason enough to ditch WebPT? Some practice owners certainly believe it is, and have cited it as a reason for their decision.

#2: Not Suited for Cash Practices

Does your physical therapy cost operate on a cash basis? If so, you need EMR software that allows you to accept payments directly from patients, whether they pay with credit cards or cash. You need the ability to log payments and create patient bills without a hassle.

WebPT users comment that this EMR software is not ideally suited for cash operations and is best suited to practices that accept insurance. If you accept payments directly from patients, you may find that WebPT’s features do not meet your practice’s needs.

#3: Hidden Costs

It is extremely common for physical therapy software to come with an array of basic features accompanied by a menu of add-ons that you can get — for a price. That’s the case with WebPT and some practice owners have complaints about it.

For example, patient scheduling is not included with WebPT and is subject to an additional monthly charge if you want to include it. We consider patient scheduling to be a basic EMR software feature.

Some practice owners dislike the added and hidden costs with WebPT and prefer software that has totally transparent pricing at every level. We understand this frustration because it was one of the issues that led us to create HENO.

#4: Inadequate Training

WebPT provides online documentation and live webinars to train new users, but some practice owners feel that the training provided is not sufficient and leads to a lot of “trial and error” use of the system at first.

Several reviewers mentioned that they had to muddle their way through learning how to use WebPT and that the training provided was not adequate for their needs. They mention staff members struggling to use WebPT’s features. Most users say that they eventually got more comfortable with WebPT, but we can understand why insufficient training and resources might be a problem for some practice owners.

#5: Slow Support

Customer support is important to every practice owner. When you rely on your software provider to help you troubleshoot problems, you can’t afford to wait 24 hours or more to get a response to your inquiry.

Several WebPT reviewers mentioned that WebPT’s support team was slow to respond to requests for help, sometimes taking more than a full day to get back to them. If the issue is minor, a slow response time might only be an inconvenience. But if you’re having trouble with billing or adding patient notes, then 24 hours can feel like an eternity.

#6: Redundancy in Data Entry

Finally, you may want to think about whether it’s a good use of your time to enter patient data more than once. Some practice owners say that WebPT has “too many tabs” and “a lot of redundancy” that requires them to repeat work.

We think it should be easy for you to set up new patients and create charts — and we don’t think you should need to duplicate effort. Your time is valuable, and some practice owners have switched from WebPT because they recognize that they shouldn’t need to do more work than necessary to run their practices.

WebPT EMR software is still a very popular EMR solution on the market, but PT practice owners have some legitimate complaints with its functionality, costs, and support.

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